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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


This weekend I was really ill and everything was sad and not fun. Saturday I was feeling a bit better and my friend Katelyn invited me to her house to have some fun adventures while her friend was in town. Let's just say, I am really glad to have some normal human beings in my life. I was not intending to do a blog post about the day but there are just so many fun pictures, it'd be a shame not to share them with the world. 

Meet Katelyn and Sophia. They're some of the kindest human beings I know. Also they're such fun to be around. We really liked the gold side but our photographer friend, Rachel,  just wouldn't let us use it. I DON'T KNOW WHY. I mean we look normal....... Anyhow. Katelyn has a blog of her own where she shares little joys she finds in life. Look at it HERE. She is doing a beautiful series right now where she has guest bloggers write every day about what makes them feel alive. It has really been a joy to read every day. It has been a daily reminder that life is joyful, even if you can't see it at the moment (something I desperately needed to be reminded when I was whiney and sickly)! I wrote for the series Saturday which you can find HERE. 

Sophia is an artist. A painter. She is so unique in her work and she so genuinely loves doing it, it makes me yearn for any sort of artistic ability. She is so comforted by painting and wow is she brilliant at it. Just wow. You can view her paintings HERE. She is a goober. We went to a concert together this year and it was honestly one of the most fantastic days of my life. I cried. We crowd surfed. I enjoyed. I wouldn't have the experience with anyone else. 

Meet me! I'm a person. I do things on occasion! 



P.S. We're in a band. It's legitimate. Not a joke. Legitimate.

Who are these people and what are they doing? Seriously. 


Meet Rachel Martin. She's a new friend but I think she's super rad. Also I am jealous of her life because she lives my ideal life. She worked for Anthropologie. And Urban Outfitters. She hosted an 80's radio show in college. These are the two trivial facts that make me wish I was her. She is a real time  photographer. She does everything, it seems, but her passion is fashion photography. She is going places in her life. She captures some beautiful moments. Find her work HERE. Use her. She's just great.