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Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Bright Hello

My name is Mackenzie and like many of my friends, I've been considering taking up blogging for some time, but didn't have the courage to do it. As I am seeing more and more people bite the bullet, I think I'm finally summoning the courage (more like motivation) to take part in this brilliant community that is blogging! Please be kind.

I am a junior at University of Central Missouri, a school in a tiny town outside of Kansas City called Warrensburg. Someone once told me our town is about the same size as Beaumont in Footloose. I am studying Fashion Merchandising- the official title is unbelievably long and confusing and I can never remember the whole of it. Either way, fashion is a passion I have been exploring all my life (even when I decided every piece of clothing I had needed frogs on it, but we'll not discuss that). Anyway, I am excited to share some of this passion to anyone who may come across my blog.

A few things about me: I love music and becoming quite the concert connoisseur. I love traveling. I love adventure. I love trees. I love all things England- hopefully I'll study abroad there next year and absorb as much of it as I can in one semester. On top of that, I am obsessed with British Youtube for reasons no one can fully understand. I'm pretty sassy and really awkward at times. But above all things, I just love life and all the beauty and harshness it has to throw at me. Bring it on.

Some things about my outfit:
Dress: H&M (old but similar HERE)
Jacket: Grandma's closet (similar HERE)
Shoes: Vintage from MEOWDY
Necklace: First Fridays in Kansas City
Hat: Grandma's closet
Legwarmers: Old (similar HERE)
Rings: Vintage, Gifted, and TOPSHOP (ON SALE)
Glasses: Ray-Ban